Frequently Asked Questions (TIMFL)

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When does registration open?
Registration is typically open from February 1 until March 31 each calendar year

How much does it cost to play?
The cost at this time is $300.00 for the season

How old do you need to be to play?
We offer three age group U11 (8, 9 and 10), U13 (11 and 12) and U15 (13 and 14)

When does the season run?
Mid April until the end of June. Typically the final game is the last Sunday in June. The season schedule consists of 6 games (six Sundays, so work the dates backways - Mid May to end of June. Practices start roughly four weeks prior to the games starting)

What equipment is needed?
TIMFL supplies helmet, shoulder pads, pants and jersey as part of the registration fee. The player/parents are responsible for purchasing a mouth guard (mandatory) and cleats (optional). Equipment pickup will take place in mid to late April at our storage locker at Caraco Storage. 

What team will the child play for?
Players can register for five potential practice locations: 
    • Kingston East – La Salle Secondary School
    • Kingston West – Frontenac Secondary School
    • Kingston Northwest – Holy Cross Secondary School
    • Sydenham Secondary School
    • Gananoque Secondary School
The preferred practice location IS NOT GUARENTEED for Kingston locations. We try to place the player on the preferred location however our priority is to balance teams in terms of number of players per team as much as possible. We DO NOT accept requests for players to be placed on the same team as others (excluding siblings)

What type of commitment is required to play?
Teams typically practice two times per week (often Tuesday and Thursday) and have one game (typically Sunday's)

When is the schedule finalized?
 Once registration closes and we determine the total number of players/teams a season schedule will be finalized. We aim for May 1st.

Am I eligible for a refund if the player decides not to play?
  • 75% refund issued prior to the first game if requested
  • 50% refund issued after the first game if requested
  • No refunds will be issued following the second game for any reason